Analysis Of Freeman Hrabowski's Colleges Prepare People For Life

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In the US alone, 67% of people believe that education is extremely important, however, for every 9th graders, only 44 out of 100 would attend college, stated in College Board’s recent research about people’s perception of education. In other word, when it comes to the topic of education, most would agree that it is an essential part of life. When this agreement usually ends, however, is one the question of whether or not college education is important and do we really need one. Whereas some would nod their heads ferociously, others would maintain on the defense of secondary education. Personally, even though I could see both ways of the arguments, I’m in favor of higher education because in today’s society, wanted to admit or not, college education…show more content…
The most compelling evidence is Freeman Hrabowski’s “Colleges Prepare People for Life”, which was written to identify the benefits of college and how it is the perfect preparation for ones to life. There, Hrabowski centralize on two points, one is that doors could be broken down by college education and a college degree, while the other one is examples in real life. Since examples could hardly be argued, let dismiss it for now and focus on Hrabowski first point, which was defense by the fact that college graduates earn more opportunities in employment as well as financially. Besides, many economists and educators agree that a college degree is the first criteria for the applications of the fastest growing jobs. In my view, I agree with what Hrabowski has to say because first of all, jobs that earn people more money must require more than normal ones, which means that a person must have a reliable background to prove it, and a college degree is that kind of document. Secondly, while a college graduate had already proven themselves to be capable of doing hard work, a person with a high school diploma didn’t prove anything other than the fact that they had had general understandings about the world, so when it comes to picking, of course the one that had dedicated more time and effort would be the favor, and this is nothing more than the evolution theory, which the society chose to accept unconditionally. And so, in my belief, college education couldn’t only open doors, it could break all of them

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