Analysis Of Freedom Rider Frederick Douglass

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1490 words

Freedom rider Frederick Douglass was a Social reformer and an abolitionist. He was a slave who stayed under his owner’s law. However, when he learned how to read and write Frederick Douglas opposition to slavery began to shape. To farther educate himself he read newspapers and did political writing and literature as much as possible. After he gained a lot of knowledge, an African American woman helped him escape from slavery. Throughout his life he was affiliated in civil rights movement. He helped other blacks escape from slavery and wrote many famous American literatures in the process. The speech “What to the slave is the Fourth of July? By Frederick Douglas shovels depth into the American Government racial injustices of the 1800’s. Frederick …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how frederick douglass effectively argues his point by letting his audience examine slave trafficking in depth. the freedom rider reveals that every state is involved in slavery.
  • Analyzes how frederick douglass effectively argues that religion is used differently and does not carry its meaningful message especially in a world that’s corrupted.
  • Analyzes how frederick douglass compares religion in england and america, stating that religion is against slavery and unfairness to men no matter their skin color.
  • Analyzes how frederick douglass argues that the american church supports slavery and brainwashes them to believe that they were meant to be slaves.
  • Analyzes how frederick douglass' speech "what to the slave is the fourth of july? " explains the internal working of slavery, the horrendous affect of slave trafficking, and the effect of religion on slavery.
  • Analyzes how frederick douglass uses the constitution to effectively argue and wrap up his point.

He begins with the internal slave trade where he explicates the internal working of slavery. He explains the horrendous affect slave trafficking had on many slave families. After his first section, he continues with his second which is the effect religion has on slavery. Frederick Douglass explains that religion is not used properly and mainly used negatively, and clarifies that slave owners and religious people use gospel to justify slavery. Throughout his speech freedom rider Frederick Douglass effectively argues that the Fourth of July is not a righteous holiday for slaves through the use of religion, and the …show more content…

The freedom rider reveals that every state is involved in slave trafficking. He begins with how slaves were kidnapped from Africa, “men hunted down and, without a moment’s warning, hurried away in chains and consigned to slavery and excruciating torture.”(Douglass, 118). This shows that Africans were hunted down like animals and stripped off from there God given rights while being separated from their loved ones as well as facing the brutal state of mind; in addition, they were used as human stock to import money in the states. In fact, every owner traded slaves like goods, and held them in varies institutions for sell. Even though, the declaration of independence has some similar aspects of the constitution, according to Frederick Douglas black men did not have rights, there humanity was taken away, and the law did not apply to them. In spite of that, there is no reason for a slave to celebrate the Fourth of July. Although every citizen is supposed to be equal and celebrate the Fourth of July with happiness, it’s difficult for slaves to be a part of the celebration because throughout history there humanity has been taking away as well as their God given

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