Analysis Of Frederick Rosevelt's New Deal

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Over these past two weeks our class has been talking about Frederick Rosevelt’s “New Deal”. The New Deal was created as soon as Frederick Rosevelt took the seat in the oval office. He made the new deal to help fix our economy after The Great Depression. The New Deal was an “ultimate” reform movement that took place back in 1933 and 1939. Although Franklin D. Rosevelt’s New Deal was very productive the U.S economy, our economy did not fully recover until World War II. The Great Depression started on October 29th, 1929. There was a huge stock market crash that took place and everyone all over the world was effected. Although the stock market crash put a huge impact the cause of The Great Depression it wasn't the only reason it started. There…show more content…
In response to these terrors Franklin Douglas Rosevelt created the “New Deal”. The New Deal did not fully fix our economy but it did put us in the right direction for recovery. The first thing that Franklin did was attempt to fix our nations banking system. In response to The Great Depression no one trusted the banks so they withdrew their money and kept it at home, scared of the banks “stealing” their money. After this, Franklin D. Rosevelt took quick action and decided to close all banks for eight days. Three days later Congress ended up passing the Emergency Banking Act, this required the Treasury Department to inspect all banks before they reopened. Soon after this act took place Americans decided to trust their banks again and billions of dollars were returned within a few…show more content…
Rosevelt made the Second New Deal to help fix the things that were not fixed during the New Deal. Many things came out of the Second New Deal such as; Social Security, National Labor Relations Act, and Works Progress Administration. The Social Security Act gives more money to the elderly and the unemployed. Social Security is still a part of our public assistance program still going on today. The National Labor Relations Act (Wagner Act) allows employees to unionization. Lastly, The Works Progress Administration (WPA) made the unemployed work in public work projects such as the FDP and the
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