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Chapters four and five of Freakonomics by Steven Levitt, discuss two interesting cases. In the beginning of chapter four, Steven Levitt starts off by arguing that the legalization of abortion played a big role in the sudden reduction in the crime rate in the United States approximately twenty years later. He then goes into the next chapter where he establishes a correlation between how a child is raised and later test scores. Furthermore, in his book he states many reasons for his argument and correlation. In Romania, the abortion rates were very high until Nicolae Ceausescu became the communist dictator of the country. His goal was to increase Romania’s population, so he banned abortions. He thought that if the population grew, then it would …show more content…

In his book, Steven Levitt gave a few reasons why. However, he says that only three of the reasons had something to do with the drop in crime. In the book he also mentions that the main cause for the crime drop is not even mentioned in the newspaper at all. One of the reasons he gives is, the strong economy. Although he did prove that it had nothing to do with the crime fall. He then states that another reason for the crime fall is, imprisonment. This, however, did have a significant impact on the fall of crime, because imprisonment was a good punishment for criminals and it led them to stop doing crimes. Since, executions hardly ever happened in the United states, the death penalty did not impact the fall in crime. Death penalty was mostly only given for homicide, rather than other violent crimes as well. The punishment was not serious enough for criminals to change their behavior and stop them from what they are doing. Levitt continues to state other reasons for the fall in crime are; the rise of police in cities, the increase in gun laws, and demographic change. However, the one big demographic change that led to crime fall is the legalization of abortion. January 22,1973, the Roe v. Wade law was passed. It legalized abortion throughout the entire

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  • Analyzes how steven levitt's chapters four and five of freakonomics discuss two interesting cases. he starts off by arguing that the legalization of abortion played a big role in the sudden reduction in crime rate.
  • Explains that romanian abortion rates were high until nicolae ceausescu became the communist dictator of the country. he banned abortions to increase the population.
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