Analysis Of Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis

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Strained, overworked and mistreated was all Gregor has known. His family needs him so they can live comfortably with as little effort as possible. There are no strong family bonds or relationships because there is no love and respect within the family. Gregor provides and makes a comfortable life for his able bodied family with little regard to his own well being. However, he gains no respect and continually puts up with the family de-humanizing him. In Franz Kafka’s “Metamorphosis”, the well being and financial stability of Gregor’s family rest solely on him by the consent of the family making it impossible for close family relationships to form. The Samsa family continually de-humanizes Gregor with their lack of care towards his ambitions…show more content…
Gregor expresses his commitment to pay off his family debt by saying, “Well, I haven’t quite given up hope; once I’ve got the money together to pay back what my parents owe him…” Gregor’s parents show little concern for his dreams in life. They are too wrapped up with their debts to care if their children are happy. All they want from Gregor is his ability to work and earn them money. When Gregor can no longer work, their source of income is limited and they begin to see Gregor as worthless and in the way. Mr.Samsa becomes increasingly upset over the uselessness of Gregor when he turns into a cockroach. He could care less that it is his son and shows his lack of care and rage when, “Gregor in terror was rooted to the spot; there was no sense in keeping moving, not if his father had decided to recourse to artillery.” Gregor’s father never showed him respect even when he did support the family, now when Gregor cannot provide for the family, his father sees him as worthless. Gregor is now terrified of his father because he is no longer needed so it is easier to dispose of him. Gregor is still living in the house and eats their old food. The family had hopes that he could recover but eventually realized that it was the end of Gregor. They no longer can sit back and send him out
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