Analysis Of `` Fences `` By August Wilson

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Blinded by Pride In August Wilson’s drama, “Fences,” a man named Troy struggles with feelings of unfulfilled dreams and extreme pride. Troy is unable to come to terms with his own fallacies throughout the play, and he fails to see the world through other points of view. He becomes prideful and arrogant because he feels he knows exactly how the world works, or should work, and he inadvertently destroys the lives of everyone around him. Troy’s pride causes him to believe dreams and hopes are useless in the real world. This belief causes him to ruin his own son’s dreams and causes his wife to despise him for the rest of his life. Pride is a harmful thing. Being too prideful can ruin one’s own life and the lives of his or her loved ones. Troy, in his youth, was once an incredibly talented baseball player, and he dreamed of playing professionally. However, his dream was crushed immediately when he was denied entry into major league baseball. Troy claims it was because of his skin color, as before World War II blacks were not allowed in major league baseball. By the time he was eligible to join the leagues he was deemed too old. When Troy’s son, Cory, was born, Troy vowed he would never allow his son to play sports fearing Cory would suffer the same fate he did. This mentality, however, completely backfired on Troy. Cory grew up playing football, and he was being recruited by a college to play football on a scholarship. Troy scolded Cory for wanting to play football. He refused to sign the papers allowing a recruiter to come and talk to Cory, and he continually scolded Cory for having dreams of wanting to play football. Tory deemed Cory’s dreams as unachievable and a worthless waste of time. Troy wanted Cory to learn a trade so he co... ... middle of paper ... ...eryone else away from him. Coming home from the hospital, little baby Raynell was all Troy truly had left in the world. His arrogance and pride left Troy all alone in the world. Arrogance and pride caused Troy to leave the world alone. Because he was hurt himself in the past, Troy could not see the world from anyone else’s point of view. He forever ruined Cory’s future, and he sentenced his own marriage to death. Cory was reluctant to go to his father’s funeral, feeling Troy was undeserving. Troy destroyed the lives of everyone around him, and not once did he blame himself. Pride can lead to the downfall of a person and his or her surroundings. Arrogance and adamancy, even when faced with opposing evidence, lead to Troy’s downfall. It is important to realize and accept when one is wrong, and we must learn from our mistakes. Otherwise, one risks losing everything.
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