Analysis Of Fences By August Wilson

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Born April 27, 1945 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, August Wilson is an African American author and play writer. August Wilson was best known for his ten series of plays that each depicted African American Life in the 20th century. Wilson won multiple of awards and recognition for his series of plays; the Tony Award (1985), the New York Drama Critics Circle Award (1985), and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama (1990). The Wilson's “Pittsburgh Cycle,” consists of ten plays where nine of them took place in the Pittsburgh’s Hill District, an African American neighborhood. August Wilson died on October 2, 2005 at the age of 60 in Seattle, Washington. Fences was written by August Wilson in 1983 and was first performed at the 46th Street Theatre on Broadway in 1987. It was the sixth play in his “Pittsburgh Cycle,” that won him the 1987 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. It can be seen that the storyline in the play Fences is related to the real life story of Wilson. The play Fences focus on the different types of conflict in an African American family that is caused by outside society and the roles of each member. The theme death is utilized throughout the play as a character portrait by Troy as he faces obstacles within his lifetime.
In the play, Fences written by August Wilson takes place in the 1940s in Pittsburg during the Civil Rights era. The main characters of the play Fences are: Troy Maxson, (Rose’s husband), Bono (Troy’s best friend), Rose (Troy’s wife), Lyons (Troy’s son from a previous marriage), Gabriel (Troy’s brother), and Cory (Troy and Rose’s son). The play opened out with Troy and Bono drinking and having their regular talks on a Friday in the yard of the Maxson’s household. As the play continues, we learn the different personalities o...

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... unknown mystery. An example of one of these events is the racism at Troy’s job. His complaints led to Troy being the first black man to drive the garbage truck. At the end of the play Troy lost the ultimate battle against the Devil, his family.
In conclusion, the play Fences written by August Wilson shows how most of themes intertwine together to give off the main nature behind the story. The theme death is acknowledged because Troy makes Death a character in his life. Troy goes up against Death who is also viewed as the Devil as he faces many of his life challenges. Some of the conflicts in his life, he views himself as the winner, but there were many events Death can be seen as the winner. Troy’s struggle to overcome situations in his life distance him from his main focus his life and brought him into an alternative world where he constantly fights Death.
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