Analysis Of Feminist Criticism In Woman Hollering Creek

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Through the contrast of the towns and the cultures represented, we can see the contrast of the treatment of the women and the freedom Cleófilas expectances when she returns home. In the Mexican town, the setting is described as a warm place and a place where women have equality, therefore friendlier to women. In the feminine town of Mexico, she had to still depend on a male like her father; however there were still ways for her to have independence. Cleófilas and her husband were considered to be in the middle class, she did not work because she was not allowed to but her husband did and brought in all the money. Cleófilas’ role as a woman in the literary, Woman Hollering Creek has made her out to be a victim within her own story. The story points to the fact that Cleofilas ' final return to Mexico is setting her free from all her suffering. In the…show more content…
Sandra Cisneros builds up borders around gender expectations, only to break them down again to teach us the outcome of denying the role that has been assigned to women. By understanding the feminist criticism in detail from its origins to the presents we are able to understand the female perspective. Cisneros reveals the way the culture puts a difference between a male and a female, men above women. In “Woman Hollering Creek”, we see a young Mexican woman, who suddenly moves across the border and gets married. Then later goes through all the abuse of Cleófilas husband puts her through, and she handles it all alone. When applying the theory, we understand it from all aspects, culturally, and socially. We see all the force in “Woman Hollering Creek” has within controlling all of the female characters. As well, we also examine the short story Woman Hollering Creek by examining, the alternatives using the criticism we are able to see the story through

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