Analysis Of Everyday Use By Alice Walker

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“In Search of Our Mother’s Gardens” Alice Walker talks about the hardships that black women had to face. She uses different ways to describe how black creativity has survived throughout the harsh times. She explains through the stories of women to tell the readers that African American women did not have the luxury to use their gifts, talents, and their abilities. She incorporates stories from her own family history and some from other people’s family history.They were not allowed to express who they were as individuals and instead were forced in to hard labor. Nonetheless, the women still managed to pass down their gifts to their children. If these are her theoretical statements about the vision of art “Everyday Use” is a story that fits her ideas. In her story “Everyday Use,” Alice Walker talks about what heritage really meant. The conflict of the story came from the quilts. They were what symbolized the creativity of their family the quilts were a part of their family. The story itself is about two different worlds clashing. Mama and the women before her worked hard and did not receive and education. Mama sends Dee, the eldest daughter to school and not her younger daughter Maggie. They embody the two worlds that are clashing. Dee with the new, modern, and literate woman while Maggie is more tied to her roots, family and community. Mama was excited for her daughter to visit while Maggie was nervous. Maggie was ashamed of her burn scars and was envious of her sister’s lifestyle. Maggie and Dee are opposites in many ways. Dee is thinner, has better hair, and a better figure with a good sense of style while Maggie was awkward and burned. Even though her mother is the one who paid for her schooling with her hard work. Dee never ac... ... middle of paper ... ... while Mama and Maggie live in the old one. Dee does not respect the old world and chooses to make herself an outcast. “Everyday Use” focuses on the legacy of this family. The quilt itself is a piece of their heritage and history. It is like a documented history with her great grandmothers dress, her grandfather’s shirt, etc. The quilt shows the family as who they are it shows how they have lived. Quilting is a form of art. It is a craft that was passed down from generation to generation for over a century. Much like “In Search of our Mother’s Garden” this story shows the struggle that Mama and Maggie had suffered through but still had the strength to stay together and pass down something that was meaningful. If “In Search of our Mother’s Garden” was a theoretical statement of Alice Walker’s beliefs “Everyday Use” is the story embodies everything that she stated.
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