Analysis Of Eulogy On Love

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S: Alright class, your assignment is to write a eulogy of love inspired by Plato’s The Symposium J: Not fair.. This is homophobic! (class laughs) A: All kidding aside, I understand what he’s saying… We’re raised by straight parents and gay love is not depicted in the media so we don’t have a model of what it can look like. It is unusual to have experienced any form of a gay relationship at this age because if you’re crushing on someone, the chances are they aren’t gay, and even if they are, it doesn’t mean they’ll like you back, and even if they do, it is very difficult to be out at this age. But quite frankly, love isn’t real (5?) S: What? You can’t just proclaim that. That’s not what he was saying, he was just joking. J: No, she’s right, that’s what I was saying; love isn’t real. S: What?! It is generally agreed upon that love is real.. In fact, it is assumed love is real.. If there are countless songs and books and movies and television about love, then it is real and experienced by countless people. (1?) C: Yeah, but that’s fiction.. Love definitely isn’t real.. The media surrounding love and love itself is just a money making scheme. S: Dude,…show more content…
S: But there was a point where we were in love with each other. J: Yes, but it ended. S: And that negates the love in the first place? Two people break up: just because they no longer love each other, they never did? J: But often, they don’t like each other afterward. Can love switch to hate? If it does, they never truly loved each other. A: But what if someone is married to another person and they love each other and then one person dies, the other person meets someone new and gets remarried: because the person has moved on and one person is no longer there, the love never existed in the first place? Must love last forever to be love? C: Wait, you switched sides? S: See, I convinced her that I am correct because I am! (6) A: No. J: You’re arguing for love, yet you don’t believe in
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