Analysis Of Erikson's Ego Integrity Vs. Despair

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Roseann Todd is 67-year-old currently in Erikson’s Ego Integrity vs. Despair phase. This final phase is characterized by life reflection, in which one questions whether they have lived a fulfilling and meaningful life. For those who successfully navigate this stage there is a sense of satisfaction with one’s life, from which wisdom is attained. However, if one fails to successfully navigate this final stage due to a sense of dissatisfaction and regret with one’s life, this will lead to despair. As Roseann’s physician one of my first priorities would be to ascertain her feelings about aging and her satisfaction with her life choices. One way to approach this will be by asking her what she considers her proudest accomplishments. A major component of a fulfilling and well-lived life is meaningful relationships. Therefore, I will take the time to discuss her family and her relationship with them. Her frequent contact with her granddaughter Alex and her great-grandchildren Timmy and Lily is an excellent way to stay active and social and should be maintained. If she mentions feeling of sadness or regret over the status of her relationship with her mother or her estranged daughter, I will encourage her to…show more content…
Despair phase is Roseann’s mother Victoria, who is in her late 80’s and living in a nursing home. Unlike her daughter, she is severely limited in her independence due to her declining health. Her lack of independence and limited activity is leaving her with ample time to dwell on past mistakes and failings, which will prevent her from attaining a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment with her life. Further compounding this are her acrimonious relationships with her children. Having difficult relationships limit her support system, which are critical in helping her to adjust to her challenging life within the nursing home. Having a lack of a support system can easily lead to depression, which is common within the elderly
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