Analysis Of Eric Rauchway's Murdering Mckinley

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The book Murdering McKinley: The Making of Theodore’s America by Eric Rauchway examines the murder of President William McKinley and the assassin’s motives that impacted America. Rauchway also reveals to us the making of Theodore’s America through a tragic event to show us how Roosevelt gave it meaning through the start of the Progressive Era with his own political agenda. McKinley’s policies came to and end bringing open doors to new policies on social reform. The book is a well-constructed written book that presents to the reader the story of what had occurred chronologically from the beginning of the assassination to the end of the murder’s life. The main issues that are presented in the book include the assassination of the President and…show more content…
On September 6, 1901, Leon F. Czolgosz had murdered McKinley at the Pan American Exposition in Buffalo, New York. President McKinley was “celebrating the mighty United State he had build”, not expecting to be close to his death in just a few short hours (Rauchway, pg. 7). McKinley was a conservative president who also was an experienced congressman and governor of Ohio that promised prosperity to the country “McKinley had presented himself to the voters as the embodiment of conservatism, and he looked the part. His stern, square features, topped by the level of a dark brow, had all the expression of a closed door.” (pg.4). His promises of prosperity to the country came true bringing the country out of crisis and bringing it back to life. Rauchway claims that McKinley was an astounding President whose life came to end to soon by the two bullets fired from the man’s gun. Czolgosz knew the consequences of killing the President, but believed he did his duty in doing so. He did not approve of any of McKinley’s policies so he decided to end the President’s life and show America’s vulnerability. Rauchway claims that Czolgosz aim at America was…show more content…
Rauchway created more of a story with factual information making it more engaging to the reader. I felt the arguments that Rauchway provided were fairly accurate creating a balance of both sides of the story. With being engaged in the novel, it helped me understand a time in history that I never understood before. I was able to understand more of Roosevelt’s direction of his presidency as he helped America become hopeful of the future. After the assassination many citizens were devastated, but it came to their realization that it was a wakeup call for the political system. Rauchway makes it clear in the novel of how Roosevelt faced one of America’s toughest times, but through that time helped American grow stronger as a nation. What I like about Rauchway writings is that he organizes the storyline and it is detailed in every chapter explaining the smallest parts of the story. For example, he mentions the time of the hour, the emotions of the characters, Czolgosz life history, etc. He does not miss any facts, which is very helpful to know background information when just learning about a
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