Analysis Of Ender Games And Siddhartha

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Novels that have a great coming to age message and theme are always enjoyable reads and both Ender Games and Siddhartha display this theme. Ender Games, a science fiction novel that is authored by Orson Scott Card, is about a young boy named Andrew “Ender” Wiggin. Andrew Wiggin is chosen to lead the human race in a war against alien “buggers”, but it means leaving his family and training in outer space. During Andrew’s time in space, he faces many obstacles which forces him to grow up faster than normal people his age. Siddhartha, a fictional novel that is authored by Hermann Hesse, is about a boy named Siddhartha. This novel goes through Siddhartha’s life and it shows how he went from living a holy lifestyle to one full of sin and lust. After…show more content…
Andrew Wiggin is a very complex character because he is a young boy that faces many difficult situations. At a young age, Andrew is taken from his parent’s home and shipped off to Battle School to prepare for the war against the“buggers”. Andrew is forced into isolation due to the malicious tactics used by the school’s administration. Throughout the duration of this novel, Ender is bullied by multiple characters, such as his brother, Bonzo, and Stilson. He fears his dangerous older brother and he also fears that he will become him, and this creates an internal conflict. The text states, “He kept remembering how it felt to kill the snake, grinding it in, the way he tore the ear off that boy, the way he destroyed Stilson, the way he broke Bernard’s arm. And then to stand up, holding the corpse of his enemy, and find Peter’s face looking out at him from the mirror. This game knows too much about me. This game tells filthy lies. I am not Peter. I don’t have murder in my heart.” This quote conveys how afraid Ender is of becoming his older brother and the internal conflict that he faces. Ender also had to deal with the school’s administration rigging and changing certain rules to challenge him and sometimes they even tormented him. Even though Ender has had to endure these hardships, he is still responsible for saving humanity. These hardships shows how much of a complex character Ender…show more content…
For example, Andrew and Siddhartha are both young when they leave the comfort of their parent’s homes, but they left under different circumstances. When Siddhartha approaches his father with the topic of leaving he states, “With your permission, my father. I came to tell you that it is my longing to leave your house tomorrow and go to the ascetics. My desire is to become a Samana. May my father not oppose this.” Siddhartha’s father did oppose of him leaving but he changed his mind. With Ender, while being convinced to leave by Colonel Graff, he states, “[Fighting] is what I was born for, isn’t it? If I don’t go, why am I alive? I don’t want to go but I will.” These quotes shows that Andrew is convinced to leave his parent’s home to attend Battle School, in space, so that he could fight in a war but Siddhartha leaves to join the Samanas on his own. Another example of their similarities is that they both of these characters face their own hardship which makes their characters complex and these hardships complicates their lives, but the severity of their hardships differ. Although Andrew and Siddhartha are very similar, they do differ quite a bit. In Ender Games, when provoked, Ender became violent and killed two people, unknowingly. Siddhartha was not a violent character, unlike Ender but he was religious, also unlike Ender. These two protagonists share

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