Analysis Of Edward Taylor's The Culture Of Science

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Our perception towards society comes down to our words, and the meaning that we give to them, kind of like a play. In sociological terms, one would be able to use the term ‘acting’ as the illusion we give that precedes our true intentions. Our performance is internally reduced to our lives that act as our stage. Furthermore, our audience becomes our social actors: such as our friends, family, and aqantinces. The perception of culture is far from linear or understood but is multi faceted and complex to where only the ones who live it can explain it. (Insert thesis) Social actors in our society become evolved in culture - where it (culture), on an unconsciousness level, becomes discordant to our learned behaviors and understandings. To put it simply, the article makes reference to the term crime -which can mean nobility to one and morality to…show more content…
His thesis is engaged towards the acceptance of the ‘study of man’ or anthropology as a respected natural science; just as Boney, Animals, and Microbiology are. The actions of “acids and bases, and waves” (2) and its laws are under the same governess.

For the longest time, Edward says if confronted with the evidence in front of someone, they would gladly accept what was presented. But he would not go as far to say that history of its components have no standardized performance – or scientific method.
The breaking free and being a free human should not be taken a street value but should be dissected into the multifaceted component that it is. These components are the scientific evidence that can be measured.

It is these measured abilities to which give people the initiative to counter argument with the premise of them being right. Being backed by years of knowledge and often think they know more then they talk about. This ignorance drives Edward to denounce their understanding and to leave it to the people who understand