Analysis Of Edward Koch's Persuasion Techniques About Capital Punishment

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Creating Powerful Ideology: The Analysis Of Edward Koch’s Persuasion Techniques About Capital Punishment
Capital Punishment is a highly controversial topic. It’s not about an eye for an eye or life for a life. It’s about a person with dangerous unlawful activities that deserves to be penalize, and Edward Irving Koch conceives it as well. Edward Irving Koch was a prominent and highly assertive mayor of New York City from 1978 to 1989. Koch practiced law for nineteen years, and that took him to get elected as a district leader; than city councilman, US House of Representative, and then he ran for the mayor of New York City, which comprehends more stressful constituents (handout). Koch wrote an article on the subject of capital punishment, “Death and Justice.” It was published in The New Republic magazine on April 1985. As far as Koch believes it, capital punishment is the only way to save innocent lives when he states, “Life is indeed precious, and I believe the death penalty helps to affirm this fact” (320). Koch is making this statement by exemplifying the value of human life, and what he accepts as true punishment for all those ruthless criminals. The audience of his article were typically skeptic because people can be oppose to it, because they think it’s immoral and government should not be given any rights to dictate human lives. Although people might be oppose to capital punishment, yet Edward Koch makes it sure to dispute oppositional arguments about capital punishment by use of modes of persuasion such as Ethos, Pathos and logos.
Edward Koch’s uses his credentials to give his readers a sense of substance. Koch gains the trust of his audience by explicitly detailing his experience in the introduction of his article. He aff...

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...rom using emotional narratives to his readers, and while doing that, bring out their self-consciousness on how can we as a people are responsible for our safety, and what we can do to keep it harmless from those murderer taking innocent lives. Likewise, he also provided logical proof on how death penalty is an only way out, and it cannot be made any easier for any criminal. He proves that he is credible by explaining his experience in politics and by being in the world of politics, he has to be diplomatic person. Capital Punishment is a debatable topic, and save lives, it sure does makes it huge effect by applying to it. People are accountable for their actions and when they do something wrong, they should be ready to face the consequences. Same for murderers, they should also be held responsible for their actions and Koch proves it using Ethos, Pathos and Logos.

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