Analysis Of Eating My Diet

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Throughout the process of tracking my diet and the nutrients I have taken in it has made me think twice about what I eat and drink every day. This diet analysis made me realize how much I actually eat in a day. It also showed me how much sodium and sugars that I am eating while I was tracking my diet. I found out many things about what I eat, how I eat, and how good or bad it is for me. This made me realize that there are some things that could change in throughout my daily diet. While tracking my diet I realized how many calories I eat in a day normally. Throughout this tracking process I had days where I had eaten 2052 calories, 2859 calories, and 2332 calories. It is said for my age, weight, and gender that I should be eating somewhere…show more content…
Coming into this analysis I was curious to see how much fiber and sodium I have been taking in a day on average. Well I have come to find out on average I was under the amount of fiber I am supposed to be taking in my 13 grams. To me this is a big deal and made me realize that maybe I should start eating foods with more fiber, or maybe even eat some kind of fiber bar to get that important nutrient I need for my body. As for sodium I was over the amount of under 2300 mg by a substantial amount. As for myself I need to look closer at the amounts of sodium in the foods that I am eating on a daily basis to maintain a good level of sodium. Taking in too much sodium can lead to high blood pressure and possible heart disease. To me this is an important for my health in the long run because I want to live a long and healthy live. As for my diet in a whole I need to focus more on taking in more fiber, and taking in less sodium these are the major weakness throughout my diet. Another weakness in my diet I feel is the amounts of vitamins I need to take in. I am under the amounts that should be taken in. This is a weakness that I would like to see change in my diet. I feel that the major strengths to my diet is the amount of protein and carbohydrates that I take in on average. To me this is a huge strength because I am an extremely active person these components to my diet help me keep going and repair my body after a hard
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