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smart in order to defeat her. She is still controlled by her programmers. However power is not the only thing the movie tries to express about gender roles. It is very important to note that while EVE is an extremely strong and vicious robot, she is completely dependent on her programmer for instructions. In relation to this, Springer explains that this representation of eve as dependent and naïve, but intelligent is just the basic depiction of females in society(Springer). Instead, throughout the movie, EVE is this evil presence that seeks to destroy but the way she looks is very sexually appealing. EVE is a sexually appealing not only in the way she looks, but the way her body is designed. It is inevitable for men to look at eve and not…show more content…
This theory proposed by Springer is evident throughout EVE of Destruction. For instance, we may know that after the robbery and her programming changes, she will only kill, but we still cant deny how she maintains how attractive and sexual she is depicted. Throughout the movie, EVE’s body is the feminine part of her nature, while her violence is the masculine part of her nature ( Springer). Using this theory further, one can see how EVE’s eagerness to kill and destroy can be representative of her sexual…show more content…
As one can tell, as time progresses movies are more direct in the way they portray gender roles in relation to AI movies. While in videodrome it was not as evident, by EVE of Destruction it is very evident how they view females and just view them as sexual objects regardless of what they are taking part of. Moving forward in time, Ex Machina first aired in 2015 during a time of reform and progression. In the movie, we are presented to Ava, a robot built by Nathan. Nathan is the CEO of Bluebook, a popular search engine. Amusingly enough, Nathan builds Ava by using information that he obtains from those who use his website. Nathan decides to use the information from his users because he wants to emulate her behavior as that of a human, so he uses all that his users search as a way to determine human thought and capture that within Ava. Using the turning the test, Caleb must determine if Ava was able to manipulate him into thinking that she was not AI. However, after a while of Caleb and Ava being together, she falls in love with him.

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