Analysis Of Dyson DC01 Standard Vacuum Cleaner

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‘Full of the joys of creation and throbbing with confidence in my ability to fashion beauty and function out of the meanest materials, I was up for anything.’ The basis of Dyson’s success stems from him centering his work around providing the customer with the choice of a more considered design, while creating a product that performs to the highest standard possible. The products Dyson creates are initiated by identifying a personal or specific need for an advance in the functionality of a product, rediscovering and designing in a way that portrays the products purpose and adaptations clearly. This essay will look into the product Dyson DC01 Standard Vacuum Cleaner, researching the technical components involved, how these elements work together to create an output from the vacuum. Why and how old vacuum models needed to be altered in order to contribute to serve the vacuum’s purpose better therefore influencing the Dyson’s overall design and function. Also the impact Dyson’s development had on similar products and technologies at that time. Then going on to explore the importance of the economic context, how the Dyson DC01 vacuum’s introduction to the market impacted on the vacuum industry, alongside the economic struggles Dyson faced through the creation of his product. Finally considering the cultural aspects of where the Dyson DC01 vacuum was made, who it was sold to, in which areas it was more successful and why. The first push giving headway into Dyson’s technical advances and the conception of the DC01 Vacuum lies in the malfunction of the existing vacuum’s with bags for example products by Hoover and Vac. Dyson’s household ‘top of the range’ Hoover model began to loose power soon after starting the job, this was usually a... ... middle of paper ... ...statement at an affordable price. Economically, Dyson, because of his determination produced a product independently, maintaining the rights to his patent and retaining his original business plan, which was affordable, hard wearing and required no additional parts, although some specific attachments were made. The Dyson DC01 came on to the market at a time when politically, entrepreneurship was being encouraged and supported, however it was the technical aspects of the Dyson DC01 which had the most impact. Dyson designed a product with a revolutionary system which was so efficient, compared to its competitors, that it's worth was soon apparent to all. In consequence it's sales outstripped that of all other vacuum cleaners on the market, making it the leading product not only on grounds of efficiency and durability but also because of its superior design and style.

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