Analysis Of Dying Of Consumption

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In addition to The Shadows of Consumption, the article Dying of Consumption drops another boom about resource depletion from the ocean due to human activities. The author presented analysis which showed that 7,800 species of wild seafood out of which a 14-percent team found wide-catches of 29 percent of these species are now at least 90 percent below average (Dauvergne, 2008). If no measures are put in place to curtail this harvest, there might be a “collapse”, the team predicts. The article presents supporting evidence from a 10-year survey of the global oceans, which found over 90 percent decline of large predatory fish over the last half century. These predatory fish include cod, flounder, marlin, swordfish, and tuna. Again the author warns…show more content…
The problem for the world’s environment, they argued, is not overconsumption in the North nor overpopulation in the South (Sagoff, 1997). The problem of excessive consumption. The author found that consumption in industrialized nations led to overexploitation of natural resources in developing countries, a delegate from Kenya declared. Another delegate from Antigua buttressed his Kenyan colleague when he said that the wealthiest 20 percent of the world’s population consume 80 percent of the goods and services that are produced from the earth’s natural resources (1997). The out of all of this is more and more economic hardships because the global economy cannot grow enough feed the rising population, especially when natural resources is depleting gradually. It all come back to the suggestion of the Affluenza documentary that we watch in class. I love to make reference to this video because it provides a crystal clear remedy our consumption problem. When I was living in the village, I was much happier than I am now, living in midst of stuff. “Voluntary simplicity”, is the best route because no government can legislate the consumption spirit of the people, no matter how high you raise

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