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In 2011, Coca-Cola launched an ad campaign to spike men’s interest in the low-calorie soda known as Dr. Pepper 10. In this advertisement, the Coca-Cola Company made suggestions as to what it means to be masculine and how Dr. Pepper 10 can help men live out that lifestyle. In this commercial, a man can be seen performing exaggerated feats of masculinity, such as effortlessly carrying a tree trunk and crushing an ice-encrusted arm against a rock. The third scene of importance is almost an afterthought, but it’s subliminal message can’t be missed. It can be reasonably inferred that Coca-Cola has targeted the male mentality that low-calorie drinks are for women and are not masculine enough for them. So, Coca-Cola created this ad campaign just…show more content…
Pepper 10. In this scene, Coca-Cola is highlighting the humor of the situation just as much as they are advertising their product. The size of the tree is many times that of the man and would be impossible to lift. The fact that this man is doing it alone adds comedic relief to the obvious gender stereotype they are displaying. Shortly after, the man is featured standing in the water cracking the ice from his hand to get to the soda within. This scene is particularly important to the comedic portion of this commercial. A question of logic can easily be asked here. If the man’s arm is frozen from reaching into the water for only a few seconds, when what is happening to his legs? Will he smash them against the rock as well? While this is not the focus of this scene it is not far beyond the imagination and does well to give a hint of humor to the otherwise tense gender-stereotype. Coca-Cola designed this scene to exaggerate the idea that Dr. Pepper 10 has allowed the man to be more harmonized with his surrounding than he would have before. In the third and final scene where the eagle delivers a can of Dr. Pepper 10 to the man, the eagle first scoops it out of the water. Very similar to how it might catch a fish if it were hunting. Here Coca-Cola is projecting the idea that Dr. Pepper 10 is something natural and healthy. However, it is widely known that no soda is or

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