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Mely Rodriguez Melissa Jaquish ESLL 25.05 17 October 2016 Essay #1 3rd Draft “Because the Key Is Always Moderation” In “Don’t Limit Your Teen’s Screen Time,” Chris Bergman argues how technology has become so important and essential in children’s and teenager’s lives. Bergman points out through two personal experiences about how screen time is a good tool to develop social and technical skills. The first Bergman’s personal experience accentuates how through binging for screen time he abetted to realize his career in technology when he just was a child. He exposes his second point by means of an experiment that stops the restrictions of his own children’s screen time which gives a positive result in their behavior. He brings out curtain that…show more content…
Too much screen time promotes to develop health problems to long term as is obesity. Overweight and obesity are the most common diseases actually, they are defined as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that presents a risk to an individual health. They are the major risk factors for a number of chronic diseases including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. The reason for which obesity is associated with unlimited screen time is that children in contact with any technological devices are more likely to develop an extreme passivity. It means, children are often exposed to sedentary activities in which they don’t move their bodies giving as a result an increase of weight. For instance, the last summer my brother, who is just 10 years, became more interested in screen time, therefore; he began to use devices such as cell phones and computers. He was in front of the computer playing video games around 5 to 6 hours daily because my mom worked all day. He came to prefer screen time rather than sports. It concerned me a lot because I could observe how he was gaining weight. It was amazing how just during summer he could gain 15 pounds. For that reason, my mom decided to restrict his screen time. It’s important to highlight that children need to engaging in daily physical activity and too much screen time deprives them the opportunity of enjoy their childhood

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