Analysis Of Don T Blame The Eater

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Truong, Beverly
“Don’t Blame the Eater”

The obesity in Americans today is a growing problem that affects more than half of the population. It’s a problem that needs to be looked in to and changed. No one would disagree that obesity commonly in children is not a problem. Though, the cause of childhood obesity is arguable, many people claim that fast-food restaurants are to blame. I argue that fast-food restaurants are not to blame for Americans being obese. If anyone is to blame it should be the consumer themselves.
In the article, Don’t Blame the Eater, David Zinczenko talks about the fast-food industry and its role in the childhood obesity epidemic. Zinczenko, states his personal story about how fast-food restaurants led him to a weight problem during his teen years. He claims that lack of healthy alternatives make it all too easy to fall into the habit of unhealthy eating. Zinczenko also stated that the lack of nutrition labels on fast-food products leaves the consumer in the dark about what he or she is actually consuming.
As busy Americans, we’re always on the run. When hungry and in a hurry there are many speedy, convenient, and healthy items available. Many people believe that fast-food chains are a central cause of obesity in America because there is plethora amount of fast-food restaurants on every block, but very few healthy alternatives. Sure, fast food restaurants are very easy to find and offer quick service, but there are other options that are also healthy, convenient, and economica...

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...o makes some good valid points. Fast-food restaurants are found everywhere. They’re also convenient and offer quick service. It is easy to go through a drive through and pick up food. However, this is where personal responsibility needs to step in and choose healthier options.
Eating fast food products every day or multiple days a week, without adding exercise to one’s routine, will probably lead to poor health and weight gain. Zinczenko and those who share his mentality should take their health into their own hands. There are healthier choices available either at home by packing your own meals or on the go by selecting healthier restaurants. Fast-food restaurants now make it just as easy to access the nutritional facts of their products, as it is to eat their products. Consumers should take this knowledge and make healthy and smart decisions for their bodies.
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