Analysis Of Do It Better By Ben Carson

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Do It Better
Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. John Dewey is an American philosopher who learned how important education was just as Ben Carson did. It is really important to have an education because education is power. “Do It Better” by Ben Carson is one of those stories that we all can identify with because explains how education and specifically reading can change a child’s life. This story tells us how a child’s feelings are drastically affected when society underestimate them, the role of a mother in their education, and the satisfaction of a child when having accomplishments in school. I think this is a great story because it taught us a life lesson. Everyone should have an education because is the
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The role of Mrs. Carson in Bennie’s education was crucial for his success. A mother is the first person to guide a child to education. She is the one pushing us to always do better and sometimes they have to be severe with us so we can understand how important is to get an education. Mrs. Carson had only a third grade education and that made her noticed that Bennie was wasting too much time and not doing good in school. Mrs. Carson worked all day, but that did not matter for her. She wanted to be fully involved in her child’s progress in school. Because of that she decided to do something about and asked God for wisdom on what to do to help her sons. She took away Bennie and Curtis’ play time, limited Tv time, and demanded to read two books a week along with a book report. Mrs Carson said: “Don’t worry about everybody else. The whole world is full of everybody else you know that? But only a few can make a significant achievement”(605). A mother knows how to give a child the love, but also be stricted when is necessary. I could not be more agree with Mrs. Carson stance. Sometimes we as students are unable to understand our mother’s advices and demands. Instead, we call it punishments, but after all everything that mothers do is because they want us to to be successful in life. In all honesty, when I was in middle school my mom was always over me, asking for my grades, and giving me advices. I remember getting angry…show more content…
Bennie knew what satisfaction was when he achieved a goal. Life is all about achievements and is truly great when they happen unexpectedly. As Bennie was reading two books a week, he started to gain knowledge in different subjects, he learned about the different types of rocks, he actually became an expert at identifying rocks. Carson was so fascinated reading books that all the information became practical. One day in class the teacher asked for the name of a rock and he answered right. He said it was an Obsidian rock. Carson said: “They are all looking at me with admiration” (608). Carson was proud of himself because he was smart. This is my favorite part of the story. The way that he had his achievement in class was so realistic because that actually happen to us. He also did a great job including his thoughts because it gave me a better idea on how happy and surprised he was when he answered the question right. By way of example, when I was in high school I had a math class which was not necessarily my favorite and I always got F on the tests. I never put any effort, but I realized I could do better so I started to pay more attention in class, do my homework, and ask questions. Eventually, I was getting better grades and I got an A as my final grade. We all are smart and good to have achievements. The key is work hard and eventually we will see our
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