Analysis Of Djuna Barnes's 'To A Cabart Dancer'

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An outcast is a person who has been rejected by society or a social group, an outsider. Many times outcasts are rejected, isolated, and judged. However, what gives us that right to isolated, reject, and judge other people? When in fact you may not even know the person whom you are showing this impoliteness to. Djuna Barnes was an outcast. She has been rejected, isolated judged yet, she figuratively took the word outcast and made it her own. She speaks for those who can’t speak for themselves.
Barnes childhood was unlike any other kids her age. During her time the norm for all children would be to have monogamous parents who are caring and give their children schooling. However, in Barnes case, her dad was a polygamous man who had many children.
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The poem begins with a young woman (the dancer), she craves attention and has big dreams of ultimately becoming famous. She is young, full of life, talented and gorgeous. However, the attention she craves is only fulfilled through performing on stage. This limits her, in all aspects of her life, because this uncontrollable desire could lead to her ultimately destruction. As a result, Barnes wrote, “Life had taken her and given her. One place to sing.” (Barnes). The dancer is trapped in this life not only by the opportunities life had given her but also for her own selfish desires. Yet, the thing she desires more than fame is love. Although her life is busy, with performing and partying she is in search for love. Barnes explained the dancers quest for love, “looked between the lights and wine. For one fine face…. found life only passion wide” was an unsuccessful one instead she only found lust. In other words, although she is looking for love she is looking for it in the wrong places, because she is trying looking in between the “lights” she letting her desire for fame interfere with her definition of love. She should look for someone who yearns to care for her spiritually, mentally and physically. Yet, what she aspires is for someone to love her that has status and wealth. To obtain what she wants she is
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