Analysis Of Diet Pepsi

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The traditional view of Pepsi is a sugary, fattening soda. In order to combat this negative connotation, Pepsi introduced Diet Pepsi to the public in 1964. Diet Pepsi is no calorie, no carbohydrate, no sugar carbonated cola soft drink, the first of it’s kinda. In order to obtain the famous “0 cals, carb, sugar” slogan on the front of the slim can, alternative sweeter substitute the sugars found in regular Pepsi. The idea of Diet Pepsi not containing any of the three sins to a dieting women made them an easy target for advertising. An unhealthy product that has the same calories, carbohydrates, and sugars as water, is the perfect product for the health conscious society we live in. Not only did Pepsi change its product to contain fewer…show more content…
She is in the background of the ad and takes up the majority of the page, while the Pepsi can is smaller in the foreground. The placement of the can allows the consumer 's eyes to travel to Sofia first and then the can. This creates a direct correlation between Sofia and the can since western cultures naturally read ads from top to bottom. The lighting of the ad also helps the connection of Sofia to the can, by highlighting them both. The two brightest spots are Sofia’s left check, keeping consistent with the westernized culture format of the ad, and the center of the can. The lighting directly draws the consumer to her face then the can, inferring that she is directly related to the Diet Pepsi. The message they’re trying to sell is that she drinks diet Pepsi and therefore, you should too. She’s beautiful, wealthy and famous and as a consumer, you can easily be similar if you drink diet Pepsi. The idea of famous people sponsoring products is nothing groundbreaking, but it continues to work. Today’s culture is saturated with pop culture and everyone subconsciously strives to be similar to celebrities. Pepsi using Sofa Vergara as the model for the ad embodies the correlation to wealth and the idea of diet Pepsi creating…show more content…
The slender can pictured in the ad is not the same dimension of the can being sold. The photoshopped or specially made can is visual for to the 0 calories, carbohydrate, and sugars present in Diet Pepsi. The skinny can presents the consumer a visual to the effects of diet Pepsi, without even reading the label. By just glancing at the ad, an individual easily connects diet Pepsi to being thin and weight loss. Sofia is dressed in a bathing suit, linking Diet Pepsi to the precursor to a summer-ready body. She confident even to being in a bathing suit and drink it, so it must not be fattening. The use of a thin model further pushes the idea of weightless since consumers and see the type of body people who drink Diet Pepsi have. The name itself is Diet Pepsi, which is basically marketing it as the healthier alternative to normal Pepsi. The text on the right side of the ad, reading “the new skinny can” is the pinnacle of the lifestyle Pepsi is selling. The thin font reflects the effects of drinking Diet Pepsi and reinforces the constant push of dieting. The color scheme of the text highlights the word “new”, Pepsi is attempting to market an old product as something
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