Analysis Of Desdemona's Death In Othello

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Emilia is innocent of Desdemona’s death during Othello because Emilia is Desdemona’s servant; bestfriend, obeys her husband, and gets the handkerchief. These three things make her innocent because she did not know anything about the plan her husband , Iago, had set up between Othello and Cassio. Emilia shows her loyalty and honesty throughout the entire book. The women in the book are characterized as “weak” and they needed “protection”. Emilia also was to be faithful and was to respect her husband. Othello is written by one of the most dramatist author. The author of Othello is William Shakespeare. Emilia is Desdemona’s servant and best friend, she is always with Desdemona or nearby. Emilia goes to Cyprus with Desdemona and Iago, Emilia’s…show more content…
Iago had asked Emilia to get the handkerchief and give it to him. She did not know why he wanted the handkerchief but she obeyed and got it. Emilia did know that Othello had given it to Desdemona as a gift. The handkerchief really symbolized the love Othello had for Desdemona, because it comes from his mother which who is a magician, and “That’s a fault. That handkerchief. Did an Egyptian to my mother give. She was a charmer, and could almost read…” (Shakespeare III.IV.54-57). “...’Twould make her amiable and subdue my father Entirely to her love; but if she lost it Or made a gift of it, my father’s eye Should hold her loathed, and his spirits should hunt After new fancies” (Shakespeare III.iv.59-63). The handkerchief is also Desdemona first remembrance from Othello. Iago asks Emilia to get the handkerchief for him. Emilia gets the handkerchief when Othello pushes it away and makes her drop it. The handkerchief really matters to him because it reminds him of his mother. Desdemona drops it and her and Othello exited the room and that is when Emilia gets the handkerchief. “(Othello) Your napkin is too little [He pushes the handkerchief away, and it falls] Let it alone. Come, I’ll go in with you. (Desdemona) I am sorry that you are not well. Exit.[With Othello] (Shakespeare III.iii.286-288). Emilia picks it up from the floor and keeps it. When she sees her husband, Iago, she hands it to him.…show more content…
Emilia gets the handkerchief by mistake because Desdemona did not pick it up when Othello made her drop it. Emilia picked it up and showed it to Iago and Iago took it away from Emilia. The death of Desdemona and Emilia, and the handkerchief getting planted is all Iago faught. Othello being general, being the highest rank, and making Cassio a honorable lieutenant, second highest rank, and making Iago an ensign, the lowest rank, has caused Iago to become jealous and caused the tragedy. Cassio did not really have an affair with Desdemona. The whole time Cassio had love for the prostitute, Bianca. Bianca is in love with Cassio. Cassio tells Bianca she is jealous when he gives her the handkerchief. “From whence you have them. You are jealous now that is from some mistress, some remembrance. No, by my faith, Bianca” (Shakespeare III.iv.184-186) No one knows about Cassio and Bianca but them two. Othello, Desdemona, and Emilia dies while Iago ends up wounded from when Othello stabs him. “I bleed, sir, but not killed. (Shakespeare V.ii.284). Emilia was right to betray her husband because it caused Othello to kill Desdemona and Desdemona was innocent the whole time. Desdemona stayed loyal to Othello throughout the book and never betrayed him. Emilia served herself because she figured out the whole thing and told the truth. With Emilia picking up the handkerchief and not giving it back to Desdemona immediately, she still did not need to die. Iago got

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