Analysis Of Dante's Inferno

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According to Dante's poem “Inferno”, he incorporated many elements, ideas and personalities from the ancient world, and synthesized these ideas into christian world. In Inferno, the author also known as the main character was traveling through a dark wood and lost his path. At this time, he met three beasts that were leopard ( represented lust), lion (represented violence), and she-wolf ( represented fraud), then they blocked his way. Also, Dante met a ghost of Virgil who was a great poet in ancient Rome world, then Virgil began to guide Dante to go back to his path through the hell and through the heaven. The reason that Virgil helped Dante was because of the woman in heaven who was Beatrice Dante’s departed love. The journey through the hell had began, Dante enter the gate of hell that marked the inscription “ABANDON ALL HOPE, YOU WHO ENTER HERE”, it means that people who enter the gate will be hopeless. I think Dante was scared after he read the inscription. In addition, Virgil told Dante that the hell will have ninth circles of punishments that based on the crime. This concept of punishment is the belief of ancient world. In Canto 4 ,the first circle of hell called Limbo, Dante had met many great writers of ancient world such as Statius,Horace, Ovid, and Lucan ; these writers lead Dante to castle where he met other souls of philosopher like Aristotle, Socrates, and Plato . These writer and philosophers were very famous. They died then went to hell, because they did not know Christ who is God and they had no sin.Through this first circle, the author had used ancient Greek philosophers and writers to relate the past history, elements of artwork, and literature of ancient Geek in christian world . The next circle th...

... middle of paper ... Ruggieri’s head from the back for how angry he felt. Also, Dante solved that murder is the terrible thing in Christian world, and people can deserved the terrible punishment.
In conclusion, Dante's accomplishment is to talked and heard many stories from sinners, then he can spread to people about Christian framework later when he back the Earth. From every meeting with sinners, Dante had much mercy for them,so he shared stories with them to have a connection with Christian world. Also, Dante want to show the readers the similarities and differences of Ancient world and Christian world through elements of artwork, ideas, and literature. Especially, Dante had pointed out many Christian's belief about justice, love, violence, and the punishment. People will have a justice from God in afterlife about their behave and action that they did when they alive.
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