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Dan Brown’s Inferno Inferno follows the story of Dr. Langdon and Sienna Brooks as they travel through Florence trying to stop a mad man from setting loose a disease that could wipe out huge amounts of populations as a way to solve the world’s overpopulation problem. This disease being later shown to be a vector virus that make’s 1/3 of humans actually sterile instead. Langdon however has no memory of anything and has to retrace his steps in order to stop the possible outbreak. Many of the places told in the story all have to deal with significant areas within Florence herself. Florence is the breeding ground of the world’s most famous artists and have inspired books and even video games alike. From the Boboli Gardens to the Florence Baptistry.…show more content…
While again in the real world they wouldn’t have need to do that. In there they look upon- as they run around trying to hide- all the statues and pathways shaded by the trees. Even our professor admits it is a wonderful area to be in. The Boboli Gardens lay next to the Arno at the north and move south-west to the Institute. The Boboli Gardens are considered one of the most beautiful gardens in Italy and is an open-air museum. According to the Florence Inferno webpage (a site dedicated to listing the places mentioned in the book), “Its creation and development spans four hundred years, from the 15th to the 19th century” (Florence Inferno). What’s most notable are the sculptures that were created by people like Tribolo, Vasari, Buontalenti (Lourdes Flores). Within the garden is an area called the Grotta del Buontalenti. Langdon and Sienna hide in this area. It holds statues and painting within the cave and in real life is not accessible normally. After the person trying to find them disappears they manage to get through a door that leads into a stretch of walkway called the Vasari…show more content…
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