Analysis Of Cybersecurity And Risk Management

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Cybersecurity and Risk Management Like almost every social media company, Twitter is exposed to many types of cyber risks, and the company has to handle risk management strictly and effectively which varies from figuring out the probability of risks (includes threat, vulnerability, cost of impact), protecting any vulnerabilities from being exploited or taken advantaged of by hackers, threats that come from users or coders/developers, or protecting the users’ information in the system. The first and most common threat to Twitter is when users’ accounts are hacked, and personal information are taken, hacked accounts could be used for frauds or other illegal, inappropriate acts. This could affect both the company and the users. Regarding this issue, Twitter has been updating password protection programs in the past few years by adding different layers of verifications as well as providing a thorough account security guide. For instance, it has advised users not to open any shortened URLs that do not show the exact location at the end, or not to click on any links sent by Twitter regarding Passwords since Twitter never asks users for their Passwords via email, links, direct message, or reply. Twitter is using a login verification through SMS, unique codes or email verification. Although users information seem to be well-protected by several layers, there are still cases where accounts get hacked. For example, nearly 33 million Twitter accounts were hacked and their passwords were posted online for sale on dark sites, and Twitter had no control over it, the best thing users could do are change their passwords/ lock their accounts. One of Twitter’s biggest assets is that it has many celebrity accounts. It is also one of its biggest v... ... middle of paper ... ... data transmitted from a server to a browser, thus these special requests can stay private like the users or clients would want. One of the most common attacks of the site is the XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) since it could have a bad effect if attackers could get their own JavaScript codes and get into the applications. Twitter developers are strictly encouraged to filter out data or extensions that are not on the Whitelist or use filtering programs such as HTMLPurifier for PHP. Because anywhere on the site that accept inputs can be exposed to an attack by a hacker, Twitter uses database libraries that are protected against SQL (Special Query Language) Injections and tries to use parameterized inputs to create statements. And this not only applies to Twitter itself but also to any programmers/developers who are creating apps or special requests for the site.

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