Analysis Of Cuz He's Black

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Through the decades, there have been different types of social issues that affect many people. “The personal is political” was a popular feminist cry originating from civil rights movements of the 1960s, called attention to daily lives in order to see greater social issues on our society. This quote can relate back to many social issues that still occur till this day that many people are opposed of. One of the major social issues that still exist today, for example, is discrimination against colored people. In Javon Johnson’s poem, “Cuz He’s Black,” he discusses how discrimination affects many people, especially little kids because they are growing up fearing people who are supposed to protect us. Johnson effectively uses similes, dialogue…show more content…
Johnson mentions his nephew that is only four years old, who is growing up to be terrified of the police. Johnson captured the moment when his nephew exclaims: “Oh man, Uncle 5-0, we gotta hide” (Line 28). The term 5-0 is another reference for cops. The dialogue Johnson uses with his nephew shows the fear this little kid has with the police. Why should a little kid have to be afraid of the police at such a young age? Society is teaching the little kids that they should be afraid of the police because of all the brutality they have caused against black people over the years. As a child, the majority of the time they grow up fearing the police. However, as they grow up they start to feel hatred against the police because of what they make their people go through. They feel as though they have to make a stand and let it be enough with the treatment they get. The dialogue Johnson shows helps emphasize the damage that the police has against people especially the little kids. Kids should do nothing but admire the police because they are supposed to be heroes. However, due to the circumstances of how they treat colored people, they have kids who are in fear of…show more content…
In the poem, he mentions black people that were treated unfairly and how many of those people are not recognized as much. He powerfully wrote: “Names lost. Know too many Trayvon Martins / Oscar Grants / and Abner Louimas, know too many / Sean Bells, and Amadou Diallos / Know too well that we are the hard-boiled sons of Emmett Till” (Lines 53-60). This quote shows how many of our black people are discriminated by their skin color are mistreated. Abner Louimas, Sean Bells and Amadou Diallos were men that were victims of police brutality and were shot several times by police officers. Specifically, Emmett Till and Trayvon Martin’s deaths were great examples as to how people were and still are racist. To take a case in point, Emmett Till who was African-American was tortured and killed because he flirted with a white woman. Trayvon Martin was a teenager who was shot and killed just because he went to grab a bag of skittles from his pocket, which the person who shot him thought he was reaching for a weapon. The many examples that Johnson makes help show how racism and stereotypes play a major role in our society because many people are still victims of discrimination. They are automatically stereotyped into a criminal who is about to do something that is illegal. In the society that we live in, blacks do not have any power, they do not get the benefit of the doubt whether or not
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