Analysis Of Cureau's Portrait Of A Sun God

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First, Cureau uses color to create a dynamic contrast between light and dark. However the peace overall feels more dark than light to me. This struck me as odd at first because it is a portrait of a sun god. However, the choice of black as one of the main pigments used in the piece causes the observer to think about why he would choose black over a traditionally light color. One might, for example, see the use of black as Cureau invoking the imagery of an African deity resembling African Americans very strongly.
However the light and bright colors are not outdone in this piece. Inside of the darker shapers lies many bright and cheerful colors. Red, orange, green, and pink to name a few. The closer you observe Cureau 's painting the more
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Though it uses bright colors, the dark tones tone down the cheerfulness of the light colors creating a serious and some what awe inspiring tone. This piece commands attention in a subtle way, while at the same time using bold elements. This is why I say it is awe inspiring. It draws your attention not from shock value, but by piquing the viewers curiosity and…show more content…
The circles are the majority of shapes used in the picture. He used circles ranging from small compact dots to a large circle in the center of the piece. I generally like the use of softer shapes in this piece. It adds a sort of gentleness to the boldness of the contrasting color. Had the piece been painted with sharper shapes, I would not have been as drawn to it, as I feel that dark colors with sharper shapes feels more constricting than interesting. Though of course their have been exceptions in the past, I much prefer the softness of shape in A Portrait of a Sun God.
The teardrop shapes in the painting occur with less frequency than the circles, and are mainly used as a sort of framing. In the main focus of the paining the teardrop shapes are painted around the on to the largest circle of the piece as a way of representing the sun 's rays. They are also found at the bottom of the painting in a row amongst rows of circles. While they are not the most used shape in the painting, the teardrops add extra detail to the piece and work in harmony with the circles to create a balanced and symmetrical
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