Analysis Of Countee Cullen 's ' The Time Of The Harlem Renaissance '

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In the time of the Harlem Renaissance, a large amount of poets let their words speak for them, allowing for inspiration and influence to show emotion and sound. Harlem was home to some of the most famous poets in history and among some of them, Countee Cullen rose to his peak in the middle of the Harlem Renaissance writing poetry. Countee Cullen was a distinguished poet of the twentieth century and created a story through his words to influence the world of Harlem and those who read it. Through Countee Cullen 's unique interpretations of the world, he used hostility as a tool, only to enlighten the people who read his poetry, in order to show how he lived in Harlem and how his experiences are clear repercussions that are shown within his poetry. Because people outside of Harlem looked at the people living there and assumed that they knew all about the "Africans" who looked like them, Countee Cullen lashed out with his words to show that he knew little to no knowledge of the people from African descent. Because Cullen had travelled around the world, his perception of Harlem differed from other poets who resided in the same place. Through his experiences of his early childhood and world travels, his poetry reflected his knowledge of how people reacted to situations and differences. Cullen 's work influenced the world around him as he took from the streets of Harlem to show the unique, yet similar, lifestyles of African Americans and Whites. Countee Cullen was born on May 30th, 1903 and was a natural born writer. No one knows his exact place of birth, as his parents were lost and one could only guess where he might have been born. As a child, he was influenced greatly by his parent 's passing as well as his brother and was said to... ... middle of paper ... and intellectual studies [which might have lead to his fluency in writing]. At this high school, Cullen was in charge of the school newspaper and literary magazine, in which he ended up winning a poetry competition that was city-wide. He then graduated and went to the New York University, where he "graduated and won the Witter Brnner Poetry Prize." After that year he published his first collection of poetry called Color. He then went on to graduate in 1926 from Harvard University with a master 's degree. While he was at Harvard, he became a part of the "Opportunity magazine" which then lead him to write "Dark Tower" in his early years. His education will have lead him to be an intelligent introvert in Harlem. Which was ironic because of the environment of Harlem, Cullen went out but mostly kept to himself and that did not make him more popular or less popular.

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