Analysis Of 'Coucal The Bird And The Snake Men'

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The very hungry caterpillar illustrates the process of a little egg eats different food to grow up to be a butterfly. This book is appropriate for children between three-to-five as the storyline is clear and well-developed. Designed with simple, large pictures and bright colours, children can be engaged in the context as these illustrations are able to keep their attentions. Children’s language development can be stimulated as new vocabularies (e.g. names of different fruits) are introduced and the language structure is repeated in several pages. Furthermore, with the little holes in the book, children can poke their fingers and play with the book through storytelling. The design of the book has provided with astonishments while children turning the pages and invite…show more content…
This book is appropriate for three-to-five years of age children as the story is very engaging and children are exposed to the Aboriginal culture. The book is illustrated in oil paint in impressionism and the whole story is in double-page illustration, which shows the landscape of Cape York and Aboriginal people. The pictures use vibrant colours including forest green and many shades of brown and the kangaroos and the snake people have red eyes. Educators can guide children to discuss the information in the image which can help children to understand how these details support meaning construction (Spence, 2004). For example, educators can tell children that the kangaroos and snake people who have red eyes reveal that they are evil, so that children can understand that adding more details in both writing and speaking can provide more information for audiences and the explicit language is very effective in constructing the meaning. Educators can use toy snakes and toy kangaroos and other materials to retell the story with children or make a small display that shows part of the