Analysis Of Condoms In School By Limbbaugh

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Limbaugh claims that distributing condoms in school is a bad thing to do. Limbaugh is against passing out condoms in school. On the other hand, his opponent’s claim young people are going to be promiscuous and there’s no way to prevent it, in return they need to be supplied with a safe barrier to protect themselves. Limbaugh wonders whose theory says “The youth are going to engage in it no matter what, there’s no way to prevent it.” Limbaugh states, why only apply that reasoning to sexual relations. He then claims young people are going to smoke cigarettes, we cannot stop them. So why don’t we supply reduced tar cigarettes? Young people are going to get a hold of firearms to use them, there’s no way of preventing this. So let’s protect teachers…show more content…
He uses the example that Johnny and Susie are on a date, Johnny pulls out his school distributed condom and urges Susie to engage in sex with him. She kindly rejects his implications, he then tells Susie that everything will be okay, the school gave him this condom and they know what they’re doing. Limbaugh states that school policies were put in action to protect young females from hostile young men. Chaperones were present to make sure young women were never in any unpleasant situations or danger. Limbaugh’s point is if schools are going to pass out condoms and not use the resources of a chaperone, they are basically promoting the sexual activity happening in parking lots. The example Limbaugh uses is completely made up, in his story, Johnny and Susie are going to do whatever he wants them to do. For example, I could say that Kathy and Bill are driving around in Bill’s minivan. They stop in a parking lot, and Bill urges Kathy to move to the back seat with him, he assures her he has his trustworthy school distributed condom, and that nothing will go wrong. Being the nice girl she is, she agrees. The point of my story is anyone can make up a story to prove a point, a better way to support this argument would’ve been by using statistics. This would have made his argument a lot stronger and would have backed it up with actual

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