Analysis Of 'Common Sense' By Thomas Paine

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Thomas Paine was an English American philosopher, who inspired rebels to gain their independence from Great Britain. Born January 29th, 1737 Died June 8th, 1809. He was mostly interested in Politics, ethics, and religion. Thomas Paine wrote “Common Sense” in 1775-1776, it was significant because it declared the 13 colonies independence from Great Britain. The colonies were tired of follow orders from great Britain, and seeing red coats in there land as well as being taxed as a form of punishment. He says that we are lacking “ common sense” you cannot be at peace and at war; we cant be friends with the British they have abused us for way to long. He made an argument that we either go to war or go back to being punks. This pamphlet was even appealing to the British politicians, that monarchy does not make sense, and we need a new form of government.
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They believed that individual states should always have more power than the government. After the colonist gained there independence did not want to go back to the way British were handling things back home. Life in North American after they got their independence was hard, because they had to figure things out on there own such as trade and a form of rules to abide by. They had to create there own new networks to trade with people, and when they created there laws they were very specific, which lead to some mishaps along the way. They had to keep making improvements to the document

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