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The Joy and Happiness of Love
Cheerful, elated, and head-over-heels in love are just a few words that come to mind when hearing the song “Come to Me” by the Goo Goo Dolls. The upbeat and catchy song that got stuck in many people’s heads in 2013 tells a meaningful story to all its listeners. The song shows the joys and happiness of two people in love and how together they can overcome anything. The song writer uses imagery, diction, rhythm and rhyme to have the listeners feel how powerful love is, and how it can change anyones life. The song captures the attention of people that are in love and people that want to find love, but not just anyone, someone they could call all theirs, someone who they have the strongest connection with. This song
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Throughout the song, certain words are used to catch the listeners’ attention and make their connection to the song stronger because they can relate to it. The word choices that the singer uses throughout the song are unique and show the feelings of someone in love. One set of rhyming word choices the singer uses is “faithful” and “grateful”, but the singer also means them in literal terms. In a relationship, both partners have to be faithful to one another and both should always be grateful for one another and respect each other for what the other has said and done in their relationship. One powerful phrase the singer uses is, “I’d be free” (7). When one thinks of being free of everything, one thinks of having no commitments or having nothing to worry about. The way he uses this phrase is that he is only truly free and worry free with the one he loves. This phrase is an oxymoron because it contradicts itself, but it is also supported by itself by the way people feel toward each other while in committed relationships. While in a serious relationship, people have a lot of responsibilities towards one another, such as commitment and having to worry about the well being of each other. People would not consider a person being truly free having all these commitments toward another person. The way the singer takes the term “I’d be free” is…show more content…
In the world there are many different forms of love and they come in all different ways at different times in peoples lives. Being in love changes people to the very core, and gives them a sense of happiness, safety, and excitement to be with the one they care about. The song “Come to Me” tells its listeners how people are not perfect, and we as humans have to learn to accept that and accept the flaws in everyone to gain true love. In this world nobody is perfect but through the people they love and care about they can get closer to being
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