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This ad persuades women to buy the Clairol tint to look younger, even younger than their husband’s memories by the time they come home. The Clairol Shampoo Tint allegedly assures post-war women the youthful look that they desire for their husbands’ return. As a consequence of many years away from home, women in the 40s felt the need to look even more radiant than when their partners left for the war. The ad suggests that, since they were away for a long time, women began to look older as time passed, and their husbands could get disappointed when they saw them aged. Consequently, Clairol Tint will give them the confidence that they need. Moreover, this ad is directed to a specific group of women for which is incredibly important to look physically…show more content…
Why does it was so important to look naturally young? After four years without their husbands, women start to feel aged and unwanted, therefore, they feel the need to look physically attractive, otherwise their husbands will not perceive them the same way as before; as the ad suggests when it mentions “will the dream be spoiled by the shock of tell-tale gray streaks in your hair?” Which suggests that if women are not socially attractive they will feel unwanted for their husbands, consequently, “As young soldiers returned from war, many people felt they needed to make up for lost time. People married, hurried off to college, and started a family all at once” (Brown). This ad not only does it target married women, but it also refers to single women who are looking to settle…show more content…
However, this stereotype about women was not the most common at that time. American women also played an important role in World War II, as mentioned in World War II and the American Home Front, “Women 's contributions—in war-production work, in the armed forces, and in the home—were also crucial for victory. During the war, large numbers of patriotic American women responded to their nation 's call for help by volunteering for military service” (Harper 61). Therefore, it is important to remark that women provided a great contribution to the war not only working from home, taking care of their child and waiting for their husbands to come home as this ad shows, if not working outside home, volunteering in the military forces and entering on the labor force. The Clairol Tint ad is only directed towards a group of women who are waiting for their husbands to return from the war, insinuating that it is very important for them to be young and physically attractive. All things considered, we can conclude that this ad reflects only a frivolous part as far as women are concerned, by explicitly mentioning their insecurities in order to persuade them to buy the

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