Analysis Of Christopher Browning's Ordinary Men

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Christopher Browning’s Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland was a book that took us back to the horror of the Holocaust. The Holocaust was a mass killing of Jews in Germany that was led by Adolf Hitler. Hitler wanted to get rid of all of the Jews in Europe because he thought they were an inferior race. So Hitler would gather the men who were going to have the job of killing the Jews and they were called the “Ordinary Men”. In this book Browning does a great job showing who the ordinary men were and how the ordinary men turned into killers. The Ordinary men were men in the german army who had the job of killing innocent Jews daily. The men didn’t have a choice in this decision of killing the jews. Browning…show more content…
They would take many jews and have them get on their knees besides each other and then they would vigorously beat them and shoot them until all of the Jews in that gathering were dead. Some of the men who were trying to kill the Jews couldn’t and sometimes they would miss the shot and they would have to do it again until the did kill their Jew for the day which is extremely sad. They would miss the shot because they would no longer aim accurately because they couldn’t bear killing another person. A lot of the ordinary men who had to kill the Jews couldn’t handle killing anymore people and they couldn’t get back into their normal old lives because they have had to kill so many people. Some of the men got out of killing people by staying near the arriving trucks. A man said that some of his fellow comrades who had to shoot the Jews would call him names and call him a weakling to show how disgusted they were of him. But that man wasn 't the only one trying to get out of the job of killing the…show more content…
They were usually middle-aged from the working class. Browning says they were picked out of everyone because they were the least likely to be considered murder’s and somewhere member’s of the Party. The Police force that is being called into kill people were also chosen because that is what their job is to do in the east when they were apart of the S.S, so they were called up into the Police Battalion to kill all of the Jews from

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