Analysis Of Christmas

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Little Johnny had a hard time waiting for Christmas to come. On Christmas Eve, he wrote Santa a letter before going to bed. He said: Dear Santa Claus, thank you for coming to my house to bring me Christmas gifts. When you come to my house, I hope my dog does not bark at you. There will be milk and cookies for you on the dining table. But if you are still hungry, you can use our cell phone and order pizza to go.
P.S. I need to borrow your cell phone tonight/today to order Chinese take out after mass. Because after all the masses tonight/today, I will go straight to bed.

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas everyone. I would like to welcome all of you, families, relatives and friends visiting from out of town, to our Christmas Mass celebration today/tonight.
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Through the birth of his Son, God has stepped in and re-created our world. For us in the Northern hemisphere, the season of Advent took place during the darkness days of the year when there is the least sunlight. The darkness days of the season of Advent have ended. Christmas is the season of hope because it reminds us that the darkness will come to an end and the light of Christ will triumph. Hatred, racism, violence, abuse of all forms, broken relationships, indifference to human suffering, killing of innocent people on airplanes and on streets with bombs and guns, these are part of the darkness of our world. These abominations to God’s love will end. We as Church and as individuals are called to celebrate Christmas and be transformed. The transformation of our world from darkness to light, from hatred to love, from injury to pardon, from doubt to faith, from despair to hope, from sadness to joy is our work as Christians and believers. The season of Christmas calls us to transform ourselves and transform our world by bringing forgiveness, peace, love, joy, and the light of Christ to others; and this task of transformation we must do all year round, not just at the season of Christmas. The presence of the Infant King Jesus assures us that these works can be done as long as we live with God in our
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