Analysis Of Chicken: A Vehicle For Change And Migration

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Chicken: A Vehicle for Change and Migration
When people think of the United States, one of the most prominent words that is used to describe this land of freedom, is food. Over the short period of time that the United States has been established as a nation, the country’s identity with food has evolved into something of a phenomenon, as the amount and quality of food citizens eat is astonishing. Not only has the United States become one of the unhealthiest places in the world, but so also are the foods in which are consumed. Because Americans view eating as something that should be done on-the-go, the foods eaten are often poor in quality and unbeneficial to one’s health. However, the people of the United States’ unhealthy eating habits
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The people that are most common to find working in factories such as Tyson are immigrant workers, particularly those of Latin descent. The reason for companies to employ these newcomers is simple to understand, immigrants are often willing to have these labor intensive jobs while as related in the film Matters of Race: The Divide, which illustrates life in Siler City, North Carolina, people who work in factories often do jobs that other people perceive to be beneath them and are unwanted (Matters). Thus, because immigrants often come to the United States to have better opportunities, these people are generally more willing to undertake these positions with hopes to eventually find another occupation to further advance themselves in their new…show more content…
If the people of today can understand that the country’s consumption of unhealthy and quick foods are the root of many of the nation’s problems, the people of the future will benefit greatly. Likely this realization will not only impact those that consume the food, but also those who have a hand in producing the food. Also, due to people who work in this industry often being looked down upon because of the low quality and unhealthiness of the food they produce, it seems probable that if changes would be made to make healthier foods, the lives of these people would take a turn for the better. These people, no matter their ethnicity, would no longer be looked down upon, as they would then be considered people that were helping society to become more health conscience and potentially more

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