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Marine scientists work in the field of discovery, excitement, and even danger while they conduct research. They study the origins, behavior, diseases, genetics, and life processes of animals as well as the wildlife of the marine environment. Many specialize in wildlife research and management. This includes the collection and analysis of biological data to determine the environmental effects of present and potential use of land as well as the water areas. Going to the sea is an equally inspiring experience for many scientists, as it is illustrated in Ellen Prager's Chasing Science at Sea. Her book brings alive the moments of wonder, surprise, enlightenment, frustration, humor, and even the danger that is involved in this field of work. Ellen Prager’s enjoyable and gripping book, Chasing Science at Sea, is an accumulation of a plethora of such field stories from different marine scientists of all areas of practice. These stories are merged together with fascinating facts. Creating descriptions of numerous field activities and the lessons learned from the many setbacks to make a rich and complex description of the marine field research. The point of these stories is more than just to entertain. The collection of these stories is to tell the truth behind the scenes. As ocean science has become progressively dependent on technology, the work of marine scientists has become harder and harder to fund. The less widespread and more difficult to start. Ellen Prager’s hope is that these stories she has put together will demonstrate the value of those who work so hard in their area of science. She hopes to inspire the next generation of students and to help renew the commitment to this field-based research. Prager has the h... ... middle of paper ... ...personally won’t let curiosity get the best of me after reading the experiences shared in this book. Some included her own mistakes that sometimes put herself and others in danger of harming their progress. The team working on the projects has enough to worry about, I do not want to be added to the list. I will respect the ocean and the scientists at sea. Overall, there is a lot to be learned from the joy of making unexpected discoveries at sea, whether or not those discoveries pushed this are of science forward. The passion shared by this author will help students see the scientists in themselves. Some of the main ideas meant to be understood from this book is that science in not boring and that hard work really does pay off. Like many areas of work there will be danger and frustration but nothing that is too easy to accomplish never comes with much reward.

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