Analysis Of Charles W. Moore's Article: Is Music Piracy Stealing

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Is Contradictory Writing Balderdash? In Charles W. Moore’s essay, “Is Music Piracy Stealing?” Moore uses great statistics of the people who are concerned and not concerned about music piracy. He gives many examples of the facts he has researched and gives an ethical appeal to his audience. “This week the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) launched an ad campaign using the slogan ‘copying is stealing,’ attempting to convey the message that digital copying is as serious and criminal as stealing a CD from a record shop or a DVD from a video shop” (Moore 242). However, throughout Moore’s entire essay he has a weak introduction and conclusion paragraph, repetitive examples, examples that do not apply to his topic and he uses many logical…show more content…
Instead of giving facts about what he is arguing or simply stating his views on the topic, that music piracy is not stealing, he gives facts telling why it actually is stealing. This is contradicting to what he tries to prove and confuses the audience right at the beginning of his essay. In his concluding paragraph he uses a metaphor to attempt to make his point but, it turns out to be extremely puzzling. “Copywriting as we knew it in the twentieth century is doomed. It will still be able to thrash and writhe for a while yet in its death throes, and cause plenty of collateral damage in the lives of certain individuals, but it is ultimately dead meat” (Moore 249). The metaphor he uses is muddled because by trying to personify copyright it creates a cynical and different point than he is trying to make to end to his essay. Also, it does not tie into the introduction leaving the reader curious about how the opening and closing paragraph are related. The introduction gives all of these statistics of why music piracy is stealing. The closing paragraph gives a description of copywriting in the twentieth century is “doomed”. The two paragraphs are opposite from each other and do not make any sense to the points he is attempting to…show more content…
Moore uses many statistics, has a great title, and gets his audience to think about what ethics they stand for in his essay “Is Music Piracy Stealing?”. But throughout his essay he constantly contradicts himself , his use of facts is overwhelming and his attempt of repetition for effect is obnoxious. He uses multiple logical fallacies in his writing and his introductory paragraph started with an example that was contradictory to his topic. Also, in his concluding paragraph he uses a metaphor that does not make sense and leaves his audience confused about the idea he is getting across to them. Although Moore is a published writer, in this particular essay, he could have wrote a stronger beginning and ending paragraph, left out many facts, and not been ignorant to uses many logical

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