Analysis Of Cathy Davidson's 'Project Classroom Makeover'

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In her essay entitled, “Project Classroom Makeover”, Cathy Davidson suggests that the advancement of technology in modern society is what is needed to reform our outdated system of education. By using this abundance of new innovative technology, humans can begin to fix catastrophic phenomena such as obesity in America and the human-elephant conflict. Researchers are beginning to identify the core of these circumstances, welcomes solutions to these dire situations. In America “rather than thinking of ways we can be preparing our students for their future, we seem determined to prepare them for our past” (Davidson 56), which is an indicator that researchers are aware of what is necessary to correct this phenomenon, therefore in the near future…show more content…
To her “unlearning is a skill as vital as learning” (Davidson 67), therefore the entire system needs to be overhauled to better suit this new generation of active students. We learn that Moss, Siebert, and Davidson are similar in this sense because all of them believe in some form of cultural restructure and imply that it is for a greater means. Whether that be Moss’ case of a healthier society, Seibert 's case of a more empathetic and peaceful society, or Davidson’s case of a more advanced and better prepared society. With the problems identified and the goal set in mind for each of the researchers, the next step is reforming human culture. American school systems in the next couple of decades should be more competitive than ever due to the fact that people will no longer settle for being “prepared for the past” (Davidson 56). America has become such a fast culture that “Eating real meals had become a thing of the past” (Moss 271), but now with the cultural shift taking place, full and healthy meals are spinning back into the rotation of Americans due to all the newly discovered information of how processed foods are killing our
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