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“Captivated: The Trials of Pamela Smart” was an intriguing and plot-twisting documentary of the Pamela Smart case. The documentary covered every aspect of the case and explored all of the different decisions and actions that took place within the case. It was the first the first trial to be covered on national television, and the national media coverage made the case even more popular. Greggory and Pamela Smart resided in New Hampshire, and the couple had been married approximately a little over a year when Greggory was murdered. Greggory Smart had an affair in December of 1989, and it had a negative impact on Pamela. Pamela was the Director of Media Services for the New Hampshire school district. One of the many schools she covered was Winnacunnet…show more content…
Two of their other friends, Vance “JR” Lattime and Raymond Fowler were waiting to drive them away from the scene. June 1st 1990, a month after the murder Billy Flynn, Vance Lattime, and Pete Randall were brought into custody by police for their involvement in the murder. Cecelia Pierce was brought into custody soon after and was asked to wear a wire in conversations with Pamela. In August of 1990, Detective Pelletier called Pam and she answered and said “Media Center.” Pamela Smart was then arrested in the middle of the media center. The media coverage of the case gave a lot of information about the case and almost every citizen knew about it. There were many accusations on the actions of Pamela that were portrayed in the media before the trial. This allowed citizens to form their own opinion and judgement for the…show more content…
Smart does not believe she has done anything wrong or committed any type of crime, even too this day. She carries the traits of a psychopath which are: (8) poor judgement and failure to learn by experience, (9) Pathologic egocentricity and incapacity for love, and (15) sex life impersonal, trivial, and poorly integrated. These three traits elucidate her actions and thought processes that were depicted in the documentary. Smarts poor judgement was showcased when she had sexual relations with a minor. To add to her poor judgement, Smart had sex with Billy Flynn for over a month; thus showcasing that she does not learn from her mistakes. Pamela Smart also has a incapacity for love because, she has an affair and claims to not love or care for Billy Flynn. If Pamela Smart loved her husband Greggory Smart, she would not have had an affair multiple times. Smart also showcases her incapacity for love by claiming to not love or care for Billy Flynn. To augment Smart’s incapacity to love, her sex life was impersonal with Billy Flynn. Smart did not care or have feelings for Billy Flynn and it is depicted throughout the

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