Analysis Of Burt's Bees

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Upon entering the magazine aisle at the local grocery store, one is overwhelmed with hoards of publications targeted at every type of person imaginable—outdoorsmen, homemakers, car-lovers, and the list goes on. In the rows and rows of these diverse magazines, lays one meant just for teenage girls. Seventeen magazine entices girls aged 13 to 18 with fun, colorful fonts and widely-known cover models in trendy clothing. On one of the magazine covers alone, Seventeen promises to teach girls how to own their school year, amp up their confidence, and get their parents to chill, all while giving them the chance to win a 1,000 dollar fashion haul. Seventeen seems to almost act as a bible for teenage girls, and if they take it as seriously as they do…show more content…
Currently, over-drawn lips topped with a bold, heavy lipstick is a make-up trend. As teenage girls scroll through social media platforms, such as Instagram, they see “Instagram models” and celebrities just a little older than themselves sporting this look. In turn, they want to try out this same look, but do not have the 50 dollars these models and celebrities typically spend on a tube of lipstick. When the average teenage girl sees the advertisement for Burt’s Bees lipstick, they are drawn to buy the product. Odds are, they already trust the brand, as discussed in the previous paragraph, and they know it will be much more affordable than the lipsticks they see the girls on Instagram using. Furthermore, Burt’s Bees obviously tries to appeal to this group of girls in the way a deep red tube of lipstick lays open in the very center of the ad. This color exhibits the high-fashion look many teenage girls want for…show more content…
An abundance of teenage girls, many of whom also like the make-up trend discussed in the previous paragraph, are attracted to this movement as it comes with the idea of making a difference in their own health and the health of the planet. Burt’s Bees also appeals to this group because the advertisement features a leaf speckled with dew drops, and the lipstick is made out of 100 percent natural ingredients, as noted at the bottom of the advertisement. With the ingenious motto, Finally a lipstick that loves you back, comes an idea that this lipstick will benefit your lips, and even make them healthier than they would be without the product, which is a real attention-grabber for the girls involved in this movement. The previously-stated advertising tactics are even likely to attract the healthy-living girls who have not tried Burt’s Bees. They are drawn in with the blatant idea of the lipstick being natural, plus they see that there are 14 versatile shades, all of which are pictures along the bottom of the advertisement, and know that they will be able to find one that suits
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