Analysis Of Bretton Woods

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You can infer that the speaker is talking about the meeting at Bretton Woods, and the series of events and organizations that are connected to it. By Bretton Woods, the speaker means the International Monetary Fund, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, and the World Bank. The speaker, explains how the allies tried to prevent any economic collapse that would lead to a war, which he clearly agrees upon. Milton Friedman would agree with this quote, as this quote is clearly supportive of trade liberalization, the removal of tariffs and trade barriers, which also means the weakening of government control over trade, allowing for a free market, which also means that the speaker could possibly be a right wing economist. You can either agree or disagree with the speakers statement, I choose to…show more content…
The speakers says that the many things after World War II has made the world a better place, but these things had caused many issues that are growing worse and worse, such as poverty, environmental issues, human rights. The speaker would probably agree with globalization, due to the fact that globalization makes countries more interconnected and more interdependent, and makes countries depend on each others exports. This allows the increase of trade, and the increased liberalization of our markets, which the speaker would clearly agree upon.

Trade liberalization, trade agreements, and the international organizations have a collective flaw, that ignore many important issues that exist today, one being the environment. An example of an international organization ignoring the environment would be the World Trade Organization. The World Trade Organization supports and advocates trade liberalization, which removes trade barriers. One case brought up to the World Trade

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