Analysis Of Bram Stoker's Excerpts From Dracula

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Dracula is a famous figure, a tale that has been told for hundreds of years. Countless generations have heard about this dreadful and mysterious vampire; however, with so many versions of his story, I believe we have come to the point where we don’t actually know why the most called “first vampire” was created to begin with. What if the legend of this vampire was created as a way to make people fear the new? Dracula is different from what was considered normal back to the nineteenth century, which makes the audience imagine if the whole story was meant to teach other people that they should fear and hate those who they do not yet understand or comprehend. People create all sort of stories and fairytales just so they can find an excuse to act the way they act towards someone who is somehow different from them. When Dracula was published in 1897 as an English horror novel, there were already stories about vampires. In fact, Dracula was inspired by two vampire stories. However, I want to focus…show more content…
The text starts off with the narrator telling the audience about how different Count Dracula was from what he was used to back then. It was the nineteenth century, and, obviously, many things were not the way they are today. Instead of creating a gay vampire like the author of Carmilla chose to do, Bram Stoker decided to make Dracula this different-looking person by giving him some peculiar characteristics, such as pointing ears and massive eyebrows. Also, the Count has three brides, who are also vampires. Having more than one bride might have been something acceptable a very long time ago, but it was surely not common during the nineteenth century. That being said, we can come to the conclusion that Stoker was also trying to talk about a polemic topic without making it look too bad, therefore having to use Dracula’s monstrousness as an excuse for him to have three women as his
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