Analysis Of Boys To Men: Why Do Boys Be Toughen Up

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Toughen Up Mike Rice was fired of April 2013 from being headed coach of Rutgers University basketball team after a video was released to the web showing his teaching methods of the players. His method of teaching them was that he would physically and verbally abuse the players. This topic stirred up a debate about both sides with the story to get people 's attention. What really got people debating with this is that the school had suspended him from 2 games before he was fired. “Why didn’t he get fired first?” was one way to see this situation. The other way to see this is “Did he really do anything wrong to get fired?” Especially when Fox News commentator Eric Bolling called the firing of the coach an unjustified case of “The Wussification…show more content…
Do they want to be tough? Questions like these should be asked to boys but they never will be. Toughening up was a method of all boys whether they like it or not. “Boys to Men: Why Do Boys Have To Be Toughen Up?” an article written by Hugh Wilson says that it was what fathers thought best of for their sons. They love their sons so much that they can’t see their son being a wuss. Fathers would get their sons to toughen by getting the fear out of them. The fear is the idea that you would back away from something that you couldn’t do. Wilson has a situation where he saw that a father and son who was at a park. The father had his son go climb the top of the playground and told him to jump to the other side of the playground. “If you’re going to do, then do it, If you’re not I don’t want to know. Don’t say anything, just do it. Or admit you’ve failed and we could go home. But don’t go on about it to me if you do.”(Huffingtonpost) The boy was in confusion because his dad made him to do something that could hurt him, and his dad would 've been disappointed in him. The boy was going to get hurt anyway is what most boys would of thought. The boy jumped over and made it. The father was proud of his son saying how he got over it after the matter. The boy could have broken a bone or something worse but the father was fine with it as long as his son learns something from the jump. Not asking a boy was something fathers had happen to them as well. That is why the…show more content…
A child will never learn anything unless they get the experiences themselves first. Parents shouldn’t be involved until their child needs them to be. Solving a problem on their own for children is way slower but they learn better than having to be taught, especially if the parent is going to be yelling at their children. Betsy Shaw writes about a blog she read about a mom not having her children as a priority in her life. “Mom tells modern world to toughen up and get real,” quotes the mom Stephanie Mets when she talked about how her children learning in and out of school. Met’s writes about how parents who protect their children from disappointment are failing them from learning how to fix and reflect on what the mistake they did was. They are going to get hurt for simply not being able to face up to their problems is what she is writing about. Met’s son talked about being a yellow action figures whom he had for 2 years with him to show and tell. The yellow action figure had a hard hat and a drill. He thought about if after showing her and decide the teacher might of thought the drill is a gun and didn’t want any trouble so he switched it. Analyzing a situation all on his own without her help. That what Met’s blogged about to get parents now to know. Getting kids to learn on their own is better than having anyone else try to fix it for them. A parent will never ever be with their

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