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In 2013, Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams and T.I. released “Blurred Lines” and it was a huge success in America and worldwide, peaking at number one on most top music charts and bringing in millions in revenue for them. Most people enjoyed the song for the catchy beat, or the mellow sounds of Robin Thicke’s voice, me included. But once you start to hear the lyrics more often, you start to actually listen and pay attention to what they are saying. After finally listening to what they are actually saying, and watching the extremely racy and disputable music video, you have one big controversy on your hands. This allowed for the making of “Defined Lines” by the Auckland Law Revue to critique and parody the song, to bring out the sociological impacts…show more content…
One key way that the Auckland Law Revue parodied the original song was explaining how women are more than sexual animals, rather they are actual people who deserve respect. “One thing I ask of you/Don’t assume that we all just wanna screw/Gotta respect me for me to be your boo” is the opening lines to the third verse of the song. This whole verse is about getting the respect that women deserve, for being more than sexual objects. This is important because it shows how we should be treating women in our society rather than view them in a light from 50 years ago which viewed women as the cook, cleaner, and child bearer. Another way that “Defined Lines” parodies “Blurred Lines” instead of being subtle and secretive about the word choice when it refers to sexual harassment/abuse, they are very open about it considering the fact that it is a significant social problem in our society today. The Auckland Law Revue did a great job in their song when they said “If you wanna get nasty/Just don’t harass me/You can’t just grab me/That’s a sex crime/Yeah we don’t want it”. They are emphasizing women having a voice when it comes to scenarios like that and how they can get ugly real quick. Such as the song “Blurred Lines” says “Must wanna get nasty/Go ahead, get at me”. This is crucial to be known because it shows women standing up for…show more content…
While “Defined Lines” is very vocal and outspoken about how these acts are important to be recognized and able to be stopped. This is important because it lets us put into context when these songs were produced, and now how we have such a large focus on these issues such as rape/harassment. Allowing for us to better as a society and work towards a goal of equal rights. The ways “Defined Lines” parodies “Blurred Lines” in exposing the truth behind the lyrics and being very clear of the message of the song rather than being subtle. It also touches on themes such as gender inequality and sexuality, which are very controversial subjects in it of itself, but being able to shed a new light on a reoccurring problem in our world. This brought a whole new understanding about these issues at hand and ways that, we as a society can

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