Analysis Of Blue Gold : World Water War

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Water. It comprises sixty-six percent of our bodies and aids almost every cell process in the body (100 Amazing Water Facts You Should Know, 2014). The manifold uses of water ranges from life, recreation, to religious needs. The issue is that billion-dollar companies privatized water, are leeching the world’s most abundant resource, and are slowly killing the earth in the process. Blue Gold: World Water Wars gives a glimpse into privatized water companies and the destruction being brought on by them because they believe is a private good. Poor people are left with no clean water or water at all. This film shows how the over mining of groundwater could harm the environment. Another aspect that this film shows is the activism from citizens. It showed how a young teen decided he was going to address Africa’s water sanitation, Bolivian citizens protested against Bechtel’s exorbitant water rates, and Midwestern citizens taking a stand against water companies. The introduction to Blue Gold: World Water Wars is the most poignant to me as the narrator tells the story of Pablo Valencia and how a week without water nearly killed him. The dialogue the film used was gripping, “Saliva becomes thick. Lumps seems to form in the throat. The tongue swells so much that it squeezes past the jaws. The throat, so swollen, that breathing becomes difficult, creating a terrifying sense of drowning. The eyelids crack, the eyeballs begin to weep tears of blood… skin like purplish grey leather… his lips disappeared as if amputated”. One could only imagine what he looked like. And the fact that he was in the desert accelerated how much he was dehydrated. That scene seems like it was used to illustrate to the audience how easy that could happen now. I have ... ... middle of paper ... ...water injustices and atrocities of the world. Water is vital to the survival of every organism on earth. It is also used in every way imaginable, from cleaning to industrial usage, there is much beauty in the assorted uses of water. The privatization of water is affecting humans, animals, and land. Blue Gold: World Water Wars unmasks the truth of what water companies are doing to people by selling bottled water. These water companies are stealing a human right without a care about the consumers. The over-mining done by these water companies is rapidly drying up the fresh water that is available. But this film is not just about the supercilious acts of these big name companies, but about resistance by citizens. Their refusal to be overcharged for water that comes out of their tap or having their water sources locked or downright undrinkable shows that there is hope.
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